Declaration of Waivers of Liability and Risk

– I, the undersigned, declare that I am familiar with and willingly participate in the tour using bicycle riding (railbiking) organized by RAILBIKING IN GREECE O.E in Athens, Greece.
– I agree to fully comply with the company’s rules and instructions and understand the possible risks involved in the activity.
– I acknowledge that the activity may take place in locations far from a hospital or where transportation to a hospital may be impossible.
– I agree not to perform any activity without the necessary equipment and comply with the general rules of conduct set by the company.
– I assume full responsibility for any harm or damage that may result from my participation in the activity, including any harm or damage caused to third parties, foreseeable or unforeseen.
– I release the company, its directors, executives, employees, and anyone else involved from any liability for harm that may arise from my participation in the activity, except in cases of fraud.
– I waive any claim to compensation from the company or any other exempted persons for any damage resulting from my participation in the activity, including damage caused by negligence.
– I agree to maintain the equipment in excellent working condition and follow the instructions of the responsible persons.
– I release the company from any liability for compensation for any expenses incurred for medical expenses, search and rescue, evacuation, and litigation resulting from my participation in the activity.
– I acknowledge that this document is contractual and signing it is done of my own free will, waiving all rights to file a lawsuit.
– This agreement is valid and binding upon my heirs, relatives, executors of wills, rights managers, assignees, and representatives in the event of my death or personal injury.
– The terms of this agreement are governed exclusively by the laws of the Hellenic Republic, and the courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction.
– I declare that I am an adult and legally competent to sign this declaration or have written consent from my parent or guardian.
– I release all exempted persons from all liability for personal injury, property damage, or death, regardless of cause.
– I confirm that I have been fully informed of the contents of this declaration of liability and risk-taking and read it carefully before signing it.