We have lived near to Greek railways all our lives and we have travelled extensively to explore abandoned places around the country. Our knowledge, passion and love for the Industrial Heritage intensifies in every journey. Heavily involved with the local people we share personal relationships and mutual respect throughout the country. We are able to organize all aspects of your tour, working closely with you offering personalized service second to none. Railbiking in Greece will leave you with a lifetime of amazing memories..


Position: Project manager
Hi, my name is Art and people know me as a railway enthusiast and as the first railbiker in Greece. My vision was to give an alternative opportunity to the railway's heritage and to preserve it for further generations. 


Position: Tour coordinator 
Hi, I have been an adventure-seeker for all my life. The railway is my favourite subject and I have got outstanding navigational skills across the Hellenic railway infrastructure.


Position: Public relationships
After a great deal of negotiations effort with different individuals and groups, I manage to get a license to run railbike tours in Greece. I use my communication skills to promote the idea of railbiking on media. 


Position: Railbike spesialist
I contribute to everything in this project and the team often call me the soul of the company))). I have a passion for railways and I’m excited about the potential of creating something new rather than working with something large.