Dear friend, can you remember when was the last time you felt excited like a little child?
Are you looking for something unique that is capable of bringing these feelings back?
Perhaps an exploring adventure where you can discover a new world o nature, history and myths. 

What you'll do

  1. You will meet in Megara with me or Konstantinos near to disused railway station with our custom made railbikes set up on the disused railway tracks. 
  2. Do not worry you don need any special skills to ride a railbike, so after a short instruction and safety briefing, we are going to be ready to ride on rails.
  3. First stop is going to at the bridge that crosses the new highway Athens- Patras. You will be able to see the contrast between the industrial heritage and the new infrastructure development.
  4. The second stop is a combination of a stunning sea view and the old lime factory. Abandoned industrial facilities are perfect for photographs.
  5. A little bit further after a railway level crossing, we will ride through the cool concrete tunnel. You will discover a stunning landscape of wild nature. 
  6. Our next stop is will be at the fish farm and cross the road safely. 
  7. Arriving at the Kakia Skala spot you will see the first WW2 bunkers on top of the rocky areas and we will stop at the railway bridge. For safety reasons, you will pass the bridge by walking while the instructor transferring the bikes across the bridge. 
  8. Last stop is the real Kakia Skala round bunkers with an amazing view of hidden WW2 bunkers, wild nature and railway heritage. according to ancient mythology, this is also the place were Thiseas killed giant Skiron
  9. Then we will downhill all the way back to Megara non-stop 
Let's ride on the rails with custom-made railbikes! This is a unique and truly wild adventure in Greece. Fill the contact form and we will set up a special tour for you and your friends. 


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